Considerations When Selling a Home in Lakeland, FL

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Three Things to Consider When Selling a Home in Lakeland, FL; Insights from a Lakeland Florida Real Estate Agent


The housing market in the Lakeland area offers unprecedented opportunities. High buyer demand combined with record-low housing inventory has culminated in a quintessential sellers’ market, which means now is a great time to sell your Lakeland home.

However, a sellers’ market does not guarantee that you will always be successful in selling your home. Therefore, there are a few things you should keep in mind to prevent financial follies and win big when listing your home on the market.

Want to find out how to sell your Lakeland home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time without losing your sanity? This real estate agent in Lakeland, Florida is going to review the three main things you should consider.

1. Price Your Home to Sell

When there is a shortage of available houses for sale, as there is in the current housing market, it is easy to assume that buyers will pay whatever you ask for when setting a listing price. However, that is not always true.

Even in a hot seller’s market, pricing your home right will maximize the number of buyers who see it. This creates the perfect setting for bidding wars, potentially driving up the final sale price.

A reputable real estate agent in Lakeland, Florida can help you determine the right price for your house. By reviewing all the recently sold homes in the area and considering the market competition, they can help you find the fair market value of your home.

2. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Moving appears to be becoming less attractive among Americans, as homeowners in the US are now staying in their homes for longer periods of time. In 2018, the median duration of homeownership in the States was 13 years — which represents a three-year rise since 2008.

However, if you live in the same home for over a decade, you may develop an emotional attachment to it. If it was your first home, or the home where your children grew up, it’s even more likely that it holds a special place in your heart. Every room will be filled with memories, and it can be hard to separate yourself from those emotions.

That emotional attachment makes it incredibly difficult for some homeowners to separate the emotional value of their home from its fair market price. That’s where realtors come in — a reputable real estate agent in Lakeland, Florida can help keep your emotions in check and negotiate the “right” price for your house.

3. Stage Your House to Sell

Homeowners are often proud of their décor choices and how they have personalized their homes to make them their own. However, not every buyer will be charmed by these design and personal touches. As such, it’s important to stage your home with the buyer in mind.

Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the space so that your home truly feels like it could be their own. Therefore, it’s best to take down any family photographs, keepsakes, refrigerator art, and anything else that is highly personal or alludes to the fact that it is still your home. A real estate agent in Lakeland, Florida can provide you with staging advice for a quick sale.

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