Qualities of a Real Estate Agent in Lakeland, FL

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Qualities to Look for in a Real Estate Agent in Lakeland, Florida


Most Lakeland residents probably don’t even give much thought to a real estate agent until they are in the market to buy or sell a home. So, let’s assume that you are planning to buy or sell a home in Lakeland, Florida, and you actually need the services of a real estate agent. How do you choose a trusted real estate agent to work with, and what qualities should you look for? If you want the honest answers to these questions, look no further — we’re going to explain everything you need to know.

The Start of Your Relationship

Working with a real estate agent in Lakeland, Florida means you will be forging a close business relationship that could last for a long time. The relationship between Real Estate agent and client is a true partnership. A successful, experienced real estate agent should ultimately know almost as much as you do about what you want in your future home, or what is motivating you to sell your current home. The real estate agent is here to be your advocate and to represent you through the entire process making sure that every detail is addressed. It is the responsibility of your real estate agent to keep you informed and focused during this often-emotional process of buying or selling a home. Remember — this is a partnership with always the end goal in mind.

Qualities of an Ideal Real Estate Agent in Lakeland

You may already have an idea of the qualities you want or expect to find in your ideal real estate agent in Lakeland, Florida. Here are five key characteristics that your real estate agents should possess:

Honesty: More than anything else, you will depend on your real estate agent to be truthful with you. Your agent should be honest and forthright in all aspects of your home purchase or sale.

Knowledge: Your real estate agent should know Central Florida real estate regulations, laws, contracts, and procedures. He or she should also be well-versed in the local Lakeland area real estate market.

Proactive: The real estate agent you choose should act on your behalf, not on what is most convenient or yields the highest commission. Your agent should be working tirelessly to market your home or find your dream home for you every day.

Communication: Every client has a preference on the best form of communication and how often they want to communicate with their real estate agent. You and your agent should agree on a preferred method(s) of communication as part of your partnership. Your agent should be extremely adept in not only asking the right questions, but even better at listening to the answers and applying them when necessary. Most importantly, they should be committed to keeping you updated throughout the course of your sale or purchase.

Detail-focused: Each home sale or purchase involves a dizzying array of details. You will likely have to rely on your agent to stay on top of everything related to the transaction.

Looking for a Professional Lakeland Real Estate Agent?

If you are looking for a real estate agent who possesses all of the qualities listed above (and more!), look no further than Lisa Matheny, Realtor with the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and expertise on local communities, current market conditions, and the home buying and selling process. She can use her skills and abilities to partner with you, giving you the best guidance and advice necessary for your real estate opportunity.

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