Tips for Selling Your Home in Lakeland, Florida

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Tips for Selling Your Home in Lakeland, Florida this Summer


The temperature isn’t the only thing heating up in Lakeland, Florida — the Lakeland Florida housing market is as well. The competition is intense as more buyers from across the country are looking to relocate to Florida.   

In years past, summer months used to be considered off-season, but now according to recent real estate trending data, home sales have been trending higher from April through July. Not only do properties in Lakeland sell faster, but also at significantly higher prices. Many homes are being sold within hours of being listed…..often times at prices higher than the asking price. In a volatile market like this, it is important that you partner with an experienced Lakeland real estate agent.

Are You 100% Ready to Sell?

Despite the flourishing housing market, many people are still reluctant to take that leap. With a sense of uncertainty surrounding the economy, and with several restrictions still in place due to the pandemic, many people are still skeptical that they can sell at a desired price. In actuality, yes they can as long as they are vigilant, consider all the variables, and partner with a successful real estate agent. Before partnering with a Lakeland real estate agent or putting up that for sale sign in your yard, it’s important that you review all aspects concerning the decision and make sure you’re absolutely committed to selling.

Here are some tips for Selling a Home in Lakeland, Florida

1. Staging Your Home

Clean the outdoor areas to create a strong first impression. Make sure your lawn does not look overgrown, and make sure the flower beds are well kept. When staging a home, it’s best to remove all personal belongings. Clear out any clutter indoors, make sure the furniture looks presentable, and make sure the walls and other surfaces are clean. You should also open the blinds and drapes to allow for more natural light, and make sure you keep the temperature inside the home cool. The goal is to create an inviting, comfortable place for the potential buyer to explore.

2. Schedule Open Houses Wisely

When trying to sell your home, it’s important to keep your house in a presentable condition — not just for the open house, but also for any scheduled viewings. Plan the open house wisely and with a unique theme. Many real estate agents in Lakeland agree that the first Saturday and Sunday after your property is listed on the market is the best time to hold an open house as it will improve the chances of selling the property quickly. Putting together a theme and offering refreshments also makes the home feel more inviting.

3. Play It Safe

At the present time, you should only invite small groups to your open house. Place disposable masks, shoe coverings, hand sanitizer, and garbage bins for visitors who will be walking around the property. Maintain social distancing and hang up safety signs to remind people to act responsibly.

4. Advertise

Spreading the word through traditional advertising, social media and other digital marketing efforts are all great ways to increase awareness of the sale. An experienced Lakeland real estate agent knows all the right methods to market your sales opportunity. Their knowledge is invaluable. 

5. Talk to a Lakeland Real Estate Agent

For more tips on selling your home in Lakeland, Florida this summer, contact a licensed real estate agent. A well-established agent will have plenty of experience and local contacts, can suggest better ways to stage your property, and help you get that perfect price for your sale.

Looking for a Lakeland Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?

Are you ready to sell your home in Lakeland, Florida this summer? If so, partner with Lisa Matheny, Realtor with the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group. Real estate transactions can be complicated, so working with an expert is the best way to secure a great deal. Lisa Matheny understands the local home buying, recent selling trends, and she knows exactly what home buyers look for when shopping for a house.

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