Why Hire a Lakeland Realtor When Selling a Home?

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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home: Insights from a Lakeland, Florida Realtor


When you think about selling your Florida home by yourself — also called “For Sale by Owner” or FSBO — it might seem like a great way to save a money on commissions. When you run the numbers in your head, it may seem like an easy way to drive more money straight to your bottom line.  However-not so fast here.  The value of hiring a professional real estate agent in Lakeland is insurmountable. 

There are countless reasons why acting as your own Lakeland real estate agent might not be worth the savings and probably not such a good idea:

1. Buyers’ agents may not take an FSBO home seriously.

In an FSBO sale, the buyer’s agent knows that there won’t be a professional colleague at the other end of the transaction. Even if a buyer insists on seeing your Lakeland home, their agent may discourage them from actually making an offer, citing the nuances and uncertainties of trying to seal the deal without a professional representing the seller.

2. Realtors defuse emotional issues.

Selling your home is almost always an emotional process. Having an experienced Lakeland real estate agent by your side helps you keep sentiments out of the sale.  A professional real estate agent will help you avoid mistakes such as overpricing your home, refusing to make a counter offer on a low bid because you are offended, or accepting a lower offer because you have a deadline for selling.

3. Being a Lakeland real estate agent is a full-time job.

Do you know how to effectively market your Lakeland home? Will you be able to rush home from work every time someone wants to see your home? At the end of a long work shift, can you give an all-out effort to market your home? Your answer to these questions is most likely a “no.” An experienced Lakeland Realtor’s answer to all of these questions will be an unwavering “yes.”

4. Realtors have access to large networks.

You probably don’t have an expansive professional network that will allow you to bring a large pool of potential buyers to your home. This means less demand for your home, which can result in your home staying on the market for a long time and losing value along the way. A professional real estate agent in Lakeland will have relationships with clients, other agents, or other real estate agencies that they can use to quickly spread the word about your home.

5. Exposure to legal risks.

There is a lot of legal work involved in a home sale. One of the most critical elements is the seller’s disclosures. If you — as a seller — fail to disclose correctly, you can be held liable for fraud, negligence, or breach of contract. Unless you are a real estate attorney, a Lakeland Realtor will most likely know more about Florida’s disclosure laws than you do.

Looking for a Professional Lakeland Real Estate Agent?

Learning how to sell your Lakeland home without a professional Realtor is a tough task. You can try to go with a FSBO in an attempt to save some money, but hiring a professional Realtor is often times more financially advantageous.

Are you looking for a professional Realtor in Lakeland, Florida? If so, look no further than Lisa Matheny, Realtor with the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group. Bringing a wealth of insight to local communities, current market trends, and the home buying and selling process, Lisa can offer guidance and advice on what you need to know to sell your home.

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